Brown Fenollosa Architects, Inc (BFA) was founded in 2006 by partners Zeke Brown and Josh Fenollosa.  Many of BFA’s projects are in Boston and the surrounding area, including numerous projects on Cape Cod, the Berkshires, New York City, upstate New York and Vermont.  Together, we have over 40 years of design and construction experience in residential, commercial and institutional architecture.  Zeke Brown and Josh Fenollosa both hold master degrees from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.  

BFA operates in a manner which sets us apart.  We recognize that each project is distinct and that the solutions must address each challenge uniquely.  Drawing from our deep and varied experience allows us to bring different viewpoints and solutions to each project.  Teamwork and an ability to identify and accept good ideas from wherever they originate is also critical to making a project better.    We have found that establishing a highly collaborative and flexible process from the outset leads to much better outcomes.    

We have a fabrication work shop which we use for prototyping ideas, developing details and investigating materials.  When expressed simply and honestly these tend to be beautiful.  The spaces we create must also have these characteristics.   The use of our shop not only informs our design thinking but it also keeps us plugged into the community of artisans and craftspeople throughout New England. We have an extensive list of contractors, craftspeople, consultants and clients that have all enjoyed working with us.